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In Canada, Case Study Solution Financial Insurance Company is the dominant among all the life insurance companies worldwide.As 1860s was the era of Victorians and an age tomagnify the horizon as well as industrialization and cultural evolution. It was established in 1865 by an Irish immigrant Mathew Hamilton Gault in Montreat, Quebec. It provides financial services to its clients helping them to achieve financial security for rest of their life. It started its life insurance sale in 1871. The group insurance plan was first introduced by the Canadian organization after World War I. It then continued to expand its product line by life and health insurance products. The transformation of Case Solution’s mutual company to publicly traded organization took place in March, 2000. In the year 2000, it was the leadingorganization providing financial services with an asset of CN $345 billion with an increased revenue of about 12%. It has a big hold of its business in the North American state with noteworthy count of policy holders as well as plan members of group insurance. It has employed more than 5,000 people. With increasing revenues, the company was not successful in all aspects of its business as there wasn’t any rate of input observed during the annual financial analysis. Neither the costumers nor the employees have contributed much for the establishment of the organization. Although, they worked hard to take the organization level high and to satisfy and provide customers with one stop shopping solution.

Situational Analysis:

The Case Solution insurance company is the Canadian largest insurance company having a network in many countries. Since 1865, its performance is remarkable with well-built reputation, rising revenues and increased trust of the customers for the company. The company is the top leading organization in the use of Internet for its development in comparison to all its competitors. Although, the company is worried about the fact that as the world of e-commerce is rapidly modernizing, this may lead the ventures based on internet banking may succeed in near future leaving Case Solution behind in the race. So, the management of Case Solution’s company wants to be more focused to improve the use of internet for the well-being of the company as well as to provide customers with better services.

SWOT Analysis:

It is the analytical study to identify a company’s strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. The analysis are as follows:


  • > The company provides its customers with a product line ranging from life, dental to medical, and many others.
  • > The company has created a direct link between the customers and the HR management to let them clear their doubts and be aware of facts and figures.
  • > Its motive of success is the concern about the customers need and requirements however it is said that any product launched by a company constitutes a very little part of the customer’s demand.
  • > It mainly take serious measures to resolve the customer’s issues to let not them switch to any of their competitor possessing a strong position among insurance companies in Canada.


The diversification of the company into a number of different focuses.
The increase in the administrative cost of the organization on its different product services.
The cost structure of the company is not well-developed in contrast to its competitors.
It can significantly expand its business by acquiring companies being sure of adding value in their recent state.
Bringing changes in their way of business with innovative idea, thinking out of the box will distinguish them with its competitors.
With the expert opinion and the constructive management of the team, the company can come up with record breaking criteria to lead its business globally.


The probability of the new competitors overtaking the company’s position.
Due to low-price of products offered by its top competitor, there is a threat in decline of the financial growth.
It takes too much time in implementing its strategy, which might lead to the change in the need and requirements of the consumers. (Caoile, et al., 2016) (Life, 2017)

PESTLE Analysis:

This is an analytical tool used to determine the effect of external factors on the organization. These are the factors of PESTLE analysis greatly influencing the financial state of the Case Study Solution in U.S.


The Case Study Solution Company conduct its insurance business in a number of countries mainly in America. The policies made by the company should be specifically right according to the each state’s requirement. The increase in populismof the United States may lead to the volatility of theshare in US market. However, the company is habitual in working under critical political conditions.


The company has ease access to the vivacious market of finance and accessibility of liquidity in the market of equity in U.S. assisting the company to enlarge its business. The instability in the U.S. exchange rates can be a point of concern for both short and long term plans of the Case Study Solution investments.


The literacy rate in the U.S is quite high especially in the sector of Case Study Solution Finance. The company can greatly grow its business in U.S. As there is no broader concept of relocation in U.S providing Case Study Analysis with an opportunity to hold its capability to take multinational front-runners and executives for the management of its operations in the state.


The Case Study Analysis Insurance company is anticipating to bring out more technological products in the market to gain its share. However, the innovative technologies emerging has shortened the life of the products and this has generated stress on the manufacturers to develop products with better quality and life in order to keep the supplier satisfied.


The company is having itself a competition with the local one creating a legal gratitude. The company is working on its self-made rules and regulation with the absence of laws based on taxation and regulations which are accepted worldwide and are set differently for each industry.


The rapid changes in the atmospheric conditions is enforcing Case Study Analysis to make more investment to efficiently operate its supply chain. In Paris Climate agreement for U.S had put in particular concern for follow the implemented rules. For Case Study Analysis, this has resulted in the inspection of U.S. environmental Standards.

These are the factors of PESTLE analysis greatly influencing the financial state of the Case Study Analysis in U.S. (Hazarika, 2018)

Competitor Analysis:

The main competitor of Case Analysis in the insurance industry of Canada is the Great-West Life which has trading publicly for past few years before Case Analysis. However other competitors who transformed by demutualization into publicly trading insurance companies are Clarica, Canada Life, Manulife and Sun. During this period, Case Analysis was the only company except Great-West Life who was rising and gaining remarkable success in its revenues with a rate of about 11.2%. According to a research of Canadian by one of its firm, Case Analysis was the second largest insurance company throughout Canada. In past few years, the Case Analysis’s share of market has raised from 9.5 – 12.3%. Case Study Help has also increased its share of market two times between all the competitors. It has rapidly increased its sale in two of its own outlying areas Ontario and Quebec. The reason behind the reduction in the Case Study Help’s gross margin was the Great West Life leading strong position as low-cost marketer and it had no interest in engaging itself in a war against the price for the growth of its share of market. Although earlier in 2000, Case Study Help started trading the Stock market at the share rate of $8.50 which by the end of the year reached at the rate of $26.625. On the basis of stock price growth, Case Study Help was ranked at the fifth position in the public offering of best initials.

Proposal Analysis of E-commerce:

For the modification of the internet services provided by Harvard Case Study Help Insurance Company, an E-commerce expert presented four different models for business using internet.

Web Portal:


They are way of communicating with the customers more efficiently to provide them with any kind of information they require.
It gives users a better experience as it is one the cheapest system based on web providing a user with friendly environment.
It gives user adaptable right to use the system to work anywhere they like with an easy access.
It is easier in setting up a new user account, URL in only few steps.
It always provides the users with updated version as each user uses the same URL.
In course of business, it provides with infinite cloud storage capacity so that there would not be an issue of the full disk space.


To have access to your web portal any time, you must need to have internet connection otherwise it is not possible to input or retrieve data.
It has less protected storage for the confidential data, so that can be put in and tolower the risk there is a need of another software SSL enforcement to keep your data better secured.
The web application has slow speed as compared to those who run on the local server.
Not everyone uses the same browser to access any application, hence it is important to make sure that the application is supported by a number of browsers.

Electronic Marketplace:


There is no need of larger principal investment with no physical principal to be concerned about as entirely things are done online.
It allows with the access to expand the routes of the business worldwide and attract handsome ratio of customers throughout the world instead of being limited to a particular geographical locality.
It provides the organization to easily reach to its target market globally, and is in easy approach to all the customers by a single search.
This enables the way to easily receive payments from its customers not only in the region where the organization resides but also globally.
The advertisement of your company will be available 24/7 a day, weekly, monthly and throughout the year.
It is a great source of income in combination with the affiliated and online marketing.


It is the most common way of advertising and requires a long period of time to gain the trust over customers for their services.
Online marketing is fully loaded with competitors, it is not so easy to stand and holds its position in the market.
To be a part of online marketing competition, skilled and innovative strategies are required to move one. For this purpose, many of the companies investment much of their amount to the advertising companies.

Virtual Retailer:


It is easy then setting up a store. Online markets like eBay, Amazon are one of the top retailers are requires nothing but only an expert opinion and a well-developed website.
It is less costly to develop than developing a store. It has less financial loss if anything goes wrong or the business does not work out.
It provides with 24/7 sales of the products without the need of the seller to be present. It allows to you trading all day long.
The best way to attract a wide customer range not only nationwide but also internationally.
This is not merely not affected by the environmental conditions as each customer can feel free to shop anytime they want without being worried about the delivery of the product.


The sale of the products with the assistance of a third party shares a part of your earned profit with them.
Although shops on your streets are limited, but while talking about the online sale indicates a threat of a huge number of strong competitors.
Listing of products with complete description might more time taking than to just display the products at the shop.
The online marketing retailers are not well trusted about the product quality and the services they provide.
It may be costly to deliver the products to the customers place and it requires time and money from packaging of the product to its delivery.

Auction sites:


It provides a noiseless environment for the auction of the products.
It allows you to freely bid for the item you want to bid on anytime you like.
It permits you to bid on the products that are readily not available in your locality.


There is a risk of being fraud by any of the site as they payment criteria is not set.
It shows the products on the site with poor quality of the photos and may be demonstrating fake description about the product.
It lacks the interaction of human being as in real life auction which is itself a source of joy.


As per the analysis on the situation of the company, the company had the three model for internet marketing namely web portal, electronic marketplace, virtual retailer and action sites. Among all the models, the company should drive the idea of web portal as compared to other three. As the results estimated by the team made by the company also demonstrated best outcomes on the use of web portal. It will considerably be beneficial for the economic growth of the company. As the web keeps itself updated and it would be easier for the costumers have access an updated website each time. The concern about the cons of the model, the internet connection is in easy approach not only for the organization management but also for the customer.


In conclusion, the Harvard Case Study Help insurance Company is the top leading insurance company in Canada. It is giving its best to satisfy each employee and customer. By switching the company from the mutual funds to the publicly trade one, the company has gained much reputation in the industry of insurance as it has also expanded its products in a wide range. It has also shown significant increase in its revenues. In spite of this successful period, the company was more concern about the future outcomes as it had the vision of bad impact of internet banking on the company if does not take measures to keep it up to date with the leading era. Thus, Harvard Case Study Help with the expert opinion had four options for improves internet banking. But the company was not sure that what model they should work on. Based on the situational and proposal analysis, it has been evaluated that web portal would result as a best option for Harvard Case Study Help.